Life Metaphor Story Time

I like to receive messages from the universe  through creative avenues in my everyday life. Yesterday I was walking along the beach and decided  to start picking up lots of rubbish that I saw.

body of water

Photo by James Wheeler on

I used to do beach clean ups all the time, every time I was at a beach and saw something that would negatively affect the environment in any way I would pick it up and I would some how find a container big enough to carry all the stuff I found.


Yesterday instead of losing hope that my action was not doing anything significant, I started by picking up some wire mesh and then I found some fabric to tie it up like a bag. This made me laugh because it was unique to me, each morning I say a protection prayer and one of the lines in it  is “I call forth the gold and platinum net to be run through my energy system, clearing and removing all imbalanced energy that is not in, of and for love” The things I picked up and put in this net were ropes, broken glass, a block of Styrofoam, and many bottles of alcohol.


Bruny Island, Australia, Beach clean, 7 March 2019

In my experience  of energetic healing I have come across blocks and cords of attachment that like the debris that end up on the ocean shore are psychic debris in our energetic fields that need to be removed to restore balance. The things I found weren’t only symbolic of what was in me but around me in my environment recently, heavy drinkers and if you are empathic and don’t drink any alcohol you will know the feeling of this energy. It’s not the best feeling.


Needless to say the rubbish I collected got heavy and it wasn’t serving anyone anymore so the quicker it is disposed of, the better life is for everyone on a planetary level as well as an individual level too.


Energy clearing is essential for raising your vibration and changing your ‘hopeless’ situation. Just as cleaning one beach can reduce ocean debris on a bigger scale.




If there is one thing I want to know its myself.

The reason I am here.

The patterns I’ve taken on.

Where my true strength lies.

The world is changing, no doubt you and I are changing.

But we all have something that attracts us to different, people, places and situations.

Our own path, no one else’s. There are often similarities but no one is completely the same as you, even your twin.


Travelling along singing some kind of song, marching to your own drum and feeling overcome.

Mastering manifesting and learning something along the way.


I had this moment recently of realising that I had manifested the place I am staying in.

A property with tiny houses, tree houses, work space and shed. One part of the property is on the ocean front and the other side is in a forest.

It’s a creative space with a spiritual side and labyrinths all around the place to journey through. The garden is impressive, the design, the plants being perfect to add to almost any meal.

It’s ideal!

I drew this picture a few months ago and now it’s manifested. It is only temporary at this point but it’s a great reminder about planting seeds…and watching them grow.

spiral green plants

Photo by Steven Hylands on

Dreams do come true.

  • Bruny Island, Tasmania bebe

Slow start

There’s a lot going on

but there’s nothing physically going on

I’m scared inside and out

I didn’t realise I am such a cripple

certainly feeling some sort of road block

or Traffic Jam

it’s slow, peaceful and relaxed

the mind sometimes attacks and then it gets repressed

and some forward movement is on the way

Metaphors in the microcosm

I’m staying in a community at the moment, when I asked what sort of community it is the response was a bit uncertain. It could be classified as a lot of different things like a permaculture community, a spiritual community even an arts community but the truth is everyone is different so not every house, cabin, tiny home, caravan and old train car on the land would agree that they do permaculture, nor that they practice spirituality or that they are artists but much like the macrocosm it has all the factors of the outside world on a smaller scale.

I’m talking about corruption in the council, people who have houses here that don’t actually talk to their neighbours, the humble academics and environmentalists, the healers with drug habits and all of the above, even using round-up on land that will potentially be used for growing food. These factors really changed my view of coming to be in a community living utopia, I do think it’s great for individuals to live here and shine in their individual ways and not be subjected to all societies rules, but it’s also necessary to change and be as inclusive and harmonious as humanly possible. Meaning  to explore our shadows or things we don’t like to tell people about ourselves.

Change is the only constant

I feel like I’m in the middle of this all but I have heard and watched many things about crystal, indigo and starseed children being born with memory and wisdom which they have kept from past lives, that we need to save these children from society in a way so that humanity can survive and thrive. Maybe the older members of the community need to hand over the reigns to the younger ones to put their energy to good use.

Some where else in my brain though I know that every soul has a spark and peoples differences are what can help to build something really wholesome or maybe being surrounded by a constant mix of energies of differing vibrations is all part of the process. Learning how to include, tolerate and live in harmony with everyone is not only  a life lesson in community but a brilliant way for us to see ourselves in some sort of fragmented mirror. What we don’t tend to like in other people can reflect something in ourselves, once we make peace with this part or that part we can make peace with the person who brought it to our awareness and G-R-O-W.


The Soul Shines Through Creativity


Something I wrote while drawing in a park 4/5 years ago – 2015

I love the quote “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the World” by Brene Brown, I simply couldn’t have said it better myself. Since the radical accelerated shift I have experienced in recent years, I have come across piece of art and words like I have shared above that have obviously come from my higher self or a being that knows more than I did. It was as if I was the channel or in a moment where my higher self and I were in harmony drawing and just letting whatever was there to be expressed.

I have also noticed that I would feel  spontaneously creative at random times. I have always loved drawing, but sometimes you just know that it was a form of communication.

The paintings I made often preempted events in my life, which ended up teaching me some valuable things but at the time I was totally unaware – result – Mindblown. A really obvious example of this was when I sat in my backyard with a big piece of wood and painted with water-coloured pencils big circles – yellow, green, red, orange, blue etc, different sizes with  black background. A little while later, I found found myself in a Vipassana meditation centre and one night the archangels in different coloured orbs visited me, Archangel Raphael was obvious and matched his description to have a green orb and his wings made circular patterns around him. Mary was also there, Uriel, Michael and someone else. I believe they came to heal me but to be honest I was a little scared.

This sort of thing happens regularly, I feel the urge to be creative in whatever way then I wonder why I drew what I drew and finally my questions are answered, All at the right time I guess.

Does this happen to you, How do you communicate with your higher self and spirit guides?


Thank-you in advance, I’m so grateful for your comments.

I am grounded and growing

“I am grounded in the physical plane”

“I am grounded in the physical plane”

“I am grounded in the physical plane”

As 2018 was well known to be the year of mass awakenings and now it’s 2019, I’m going to make my mantra for the year a step up from the 2018 one above to “I’m grounded and growing”.

I know we’re not alone and I have personal experiences of paranormal activity and a wider perspective than your average ‘normie’.

Intuitives have told me I need to ground myself, and to be honest I’m quite confused of what that means. I visualise roots going into the ground below me as if I am a plant, I’ve been connected to the ground through earthing, I have said “Good morning grandfather sun”, I’ve listened to all sorts of advice, I’ve tried to just get a job and be as normal as possible, but I found it difficult when you are having an upgrade to function if you know what I mean. It seems my sensitivity is increasing and I’m guided to read certain books.

I would identify myself as a starseed and I thought it was only a recent thing but when I look back at my drawings they were featuring light beams and Egyptian themes long before I had awareness of energy and empathic abilities. I think back to people calling me ‘spacey’ and now it’s making sense to me. People have said ‘you’re here to show them how to love’.

But if it is all true that star seeds are like volunteers that have come to earth to help it to ascend. We still need to make changes in the physical plane even if we are from a different planets originally we are all earthlings now.

People on earth come from 163 different galactic races and the goal is to be united, in the physical to live in peace together, each race is different and maybe we are all just one big experiment but it would be beneficial for everyone to work together in a respectful way to move into the 5th dimension.

So it’s helpful in some way to drop the starseed label and just connect as humans. Naturally we will gravitate towards those on a similar vibration.

We all have a purpose here and maybe it’s as simple as doing what brings YOU joy. 

If these feelings resonate with you, let me know in the comments below.13129422_1724005401171775_1841335646_n