Surround me with Truth

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When we grow we change and everything around us changes too. This can be like a two steps forward one back. Two steps into the light and one step through the shadow.

Awareness is great to see how we feel, we used to be in environments and love them and now we feel differently. We have grown and this is how it feels.

We are looking for something deeper and more authentic not so surface level, maybe on the surface level we can see who is confident in their skin and who isn’t.

We can see our insecurities. in others and we can have compassion or we can just gravitate away.

If we look back a few years and realise you loved nothing more than something covered in melted cheese anything with cheese on it, I would love to eat. I don’t  feel the same these days I’m gradually liking healthier whole foods, Scenes based around alcohol don’t interest me.

It’s interesting. When we have been living in a bubble of our own – yoga, mediation, tea and coffee alternatives and kombucha and go to a new place or interact with someone who is not yet off of junk food who has never heard of kombucha and has no idea what it is becomes a nice reality check.

We are all unique individuals following our own path and some aren’t aware yet.

This happens to me a lot about plastic pollution, I feel like EVERYBODY knows that innocent animals are suffering because of single use plastic pollution and they can easily avoid it, but I still see it. Change is a process, I guess. I’m not perfect.

As above, so below. I still can improve and maybe that’s why I see these things.

Stingrays and Sensitivities

Several times within the last week on my daily beach visit I encountered the beautiful stingray.

It was swimming by me to take a closer look

It was getting stepped on by me accidentally while I was wading through the water.

The day before several large stingrays were flying through the water around me

On a different day, a wee little baby one appeared and it was hiding itself away in the sand with it’s eyes starring at me.

Walking over the sand flats too, I saw the indent of an adult and baby stingray.

This is when I thought to myself it has to be a sign!

The stingray has been quite fitting to my current situation. I’m a fairly sensitive and empathic person who like a stingray can sense energy around me quite well but I have been working on fine tuning these abilities while protecting myself from negativity,  psychic attacks, and the like. So this was when I decided to take the message of the stingray to heart and protect myself psychically by energetically grounding myself. The stingray is a great symbol of grounding particularly in emotionally turbulent times like they stay close to the sea floor while the ocean currents move around above them they remain stable and protected.

grey and blue manta ray camouflage in corals



Hope this post gives you a different perspective you can apply to your current situation.





Step by Step

Lately I have been working on being more grounded, meaning I have a job I enjoy, that pays me well every week, still gives me leisure time and time to work on myself.

I believe we create our reality and our choice to believe in a more positive, enjoyable or just progressive life makes us one step closer to this reality. The second being our actions.

So when an idea is planted it is just a seed but that seed does something, it grows. It’s a natural growth but it takes a bit of effort a bit of concentrated life force. Action!

More important than anything as I mentioned before is BELIEF. I met a german lady, a pretty spiritual lady, connected to earth and plants particularly. She would garden naked, talk to her seedlings and sing to them, nurturing them so they grew to provide for us. Who shared some wisdom with me “the most important thing in life is our believings”

Next thing to focus on was transcendence. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it was to not take life to seriously or maybe it was in terms of manifestion. In order to manifest we transend the third dimension.

Which is how we make GROWTH! How we plant seeds and how they grow. Sometimes life just happens but if you want to consciously create a better world – take action and believe in your ideas no matter how out there they seem and GROW!

reading this back it is such good advice for myself but I’ll share it anyway, maybe someone else will benefit. We’re all in this together.


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Life Metaphor Story Time

I like to receive messages from the universe  through creative avenues in my everyday life. Yesterday I was walking along the beach and decided  to start picking up lots of rubbish that I saw.

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I used to do beach clean ups all the time, every time I was at a beach and saw something that would negatively affect the environment in any way I would pick it up and I would some how find a container big enough to carry all the stuff I found.


Yesterday instead of losing hope that my action was not doing anything significant, I started by picking up some wire mesh and then I found some fabric to tie it up like a bag. This made me laugh because it was unique to me, each morning I say a protection prayer and one of the lines in it  is “I call forth the gold and platinum net to be run through my energy system, clearing and removing all imbalanced energy that is not in, of and for love” The things I picked up and put in this net were ropes, broken glass, a block of Styrofoam, and many bottles of alcohol.


Bruny Island, Australia, Beach clean, 7 March 2019

In my experience  of energetic healing I have come across blocks and cords of attachment that like the debris that end up on the ocean shore are psychic debris in our energetic fields that need to be removed to restore balance. The things I found weren’t only symbolic of what was in me but around me in my environment recently, heavy drinkers and if you are empathic and don’t drink any alcohol you will know the feeling of this energy. It’s not the best feeling.


Needless to say the rubbish I collected got heavy and it wasn’t serving anyone anymore so the quicker it is disposed of, the better life is for everyone on a planetary level as well as an individual level too.


Energy clearing is essential for raising your vibration and changing your ‘hopeless’ situation. Just as cleaning one beach can reduce ocean debris on a bigger scale.




If there is one thing I want to know its myself.

The reason I am here.

The patterns I’ve taken on.

Where my true strength lies.

The world is changing, no doubt you and I are changing.

But we all have something that attracts us to different, people, places and situations.

Our own path, no one else’s. There are often similarities but no one is completely the same as you, even your twin.


Travelling along singing some kind of song, marching to your own drum and feeling overcome.

Mastering manifesting and learning something along the way.


I had this moment recently of realising that I had manifested the place I am staying in.

A property with tiny houses, tree houses, work space and shed. One part of the property is on the ocean front and the other side is in a forest.

It’s a creative space with a spiritual side and labyrinths all around the place to journey through. The garden is impressive, the design, the plants being perfect to add to almost any meal.

It’s ideal!

I drew this picture a few months ago and now it’s manifested. It is only temporary at this point but it’s a great reminder about planting seeds…and watching them grow.

spiral green plants

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Dreams do come true.

  • Bruny Island, Tasmania

Slow start

There’s a lot going on

but there’s nothing physically going on

I’m scared inside and out

I didn’t realise I am such a cripple

certainly feeling some sort of road block

or Traffic Jam

it’s slow, peaceful and relaxed

the mind sometimes attacks and then it gets repressed

and some forward movement is on the way