As the world is changing consciousness is growing and many people are feeling like they can’t keep on doing  what we have been doing that gets us by, but definitely doesn’t get us high (on life). If we were buzzing with content we wouldn’t need our vices, our holiday destinations because we are happy with exactly how we are and exactly where we happen to be.

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It  was simply put in front of me this week in the form of a Ven diagram. What we are good at doing and what we are paid to do is a profession. What we are paid to do and what the world needs is a vocation. What the world needs and what I love can be seen as a mission and what I love and what I am good at doing is my passion. The combination of these things is your purpose and is very much worth the journey.

To live our purpose is the combination of our mission, our vocation, our passion and our profession and can be seen as the motivation for so many people to be working for themselves now.

If you have been or are in a dark place not knowing what you are here for, we can take it one step at a time, one gift of gratitude, one affirmation, one hug of a tree, and some calming breathes because you are here for a reason.

The year 2020 is intense in a number of ways but had many positive outcomes at the same time, it has helped many people to start to question what they have been prioritising. A much needed pause for many of us to change our ways of being in the world. To use less, to value the small moments of human connection. To remind us our physical bodies and those of our family, friends and people in our extended community can leave the earth in an instance.

Death is a great motivator. It can be hard to accept at first but death is a part of life and by thinking about how we will be remembered can be just the thing we need to love the life we have and not waste too many moments going on doing things we don’t like doing.

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Over time I have began to edge more and more towards doing what is good for me, living for myself, trying not to let others opinions get in the way. I value the earth, nature and Australia is such an incredible place to live and experience nature, forests, oceans, waterfalls, and an array of wildlife. The average person has space for a garden to grow, houses are common for Australians, we are lucky for the expansive spaces. I value eating vegetables, fruits, legumes, and coffees with strong natural flavours. I value the conversations I have and the people I met, because this is part of the school of life, it lets me empathise easier, and understand others situations and reasons for being who they are. That is a whole other topic – why people are the way they are.

I have been living a life more aligned with my values, so over time I’ve seen the pattern emerging that I have become more and more selective with what kind of work I will do, as it’s not fun working among people who don’t ‘get it’, I prefer working for the change-makers. The companies that don’t understand there’s more to life than profit and the plastic they endlessly use for example will have more of an impact then their human life. Basically it’s helped me along the way to find my tribe. I am still on the path and maybe there is no actual end point and I haven’t quite got to the sweet spot of living my purpose completely but my intention for sharing this is that it will let you know we’re all in this together, making changes for the better.


LOVE,  Hazel Hearth

Every Plant has a Purpose

If we had the knowledge of all the weeds around us and how we can best use them, we may not waste another plant. In the world of Permaculture we eat them, give them back to the earth, make a tea, put them in a vase, feed them to the animals, find out the characteristics of a space, moisture, sun and soil quality too. It’s amazing, you’ll find that every plant indeed does have a purpose.

Just as every plant has a purpose so too does every person. This is where mainstream society may have failed us. In the past and maybe today still if you didn’t thrive in the school system, you didn’t achieve good marks, you were seen as some what useless and your value seemed meaningless. There was no way to measure on paper your childhood fantasy stories that could engulf a group of fellow children down your rabbit hole, there was no value in wearing second hand, you may have been seen as peasant-like not an ethical icon as the title you were more deserving of, your uniqueness is not meant to be a curse, it was something we would like to know for the greater good, the benefit of the world.


The world is changing at a fast pace and our children’s knowledge will lead us in the right way. I remember moments in my life where nothing really made much sense the way things are done, how things are made, how long a product lives and where it goes to degrade made no sense, other than a quick thoughtless money making scheme an economy that needs injections and a high rate of infection and disease. Food without flavour. Food without nutrients. Soil degradation. Imitations. Not living within limitations. Someone changed and led a movement, of soil improvement nutrient rich clever pitch, seasonal produce not favouring limited veggies in production but seeing what works well at your place.

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It is also worth saying that society in general has not valued unique skills abilities and interests, instead in some ways rats that can contribute to economic growth. If you look after children you may fall into this category too, it doesn’t have a dollar value so it’s worthless but in reality it’s completely contrary. The children today are tomorrows leaders and too many issues in childhood affect a person’s potential to live the life the love. 

As I write this I am thinking the more we do what we love and value the more beauty will be present in the world. You are here for a reason and some time in the near future money may lose value your community may gain value from the uniqueness you bring to it. It has be research that Happiness has nothing to do with money anyway. Your success may have a different definition to someone else’s. Your values may be different to someone elses, but keep in mind Every plant has a purpose.

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Conversations with God

There are times in our lives when we say something and after the messages have been said, we think where did that come from? How did I know how to say that? This is when I believe we are in close contact with the spirit world. A message has come through us.

I have a great interest in learning about our multidimensional reality, learning what happens on the different dimensions.

I believe we have spirit guides who love us unconditionally and are always with us and I believe we can call on them and ask for help in our daily lives. I can quickly think of a few times in my life when the guardian angels have been at work.

Several years ago when visiting my parents from interstate, Mum gave me her card to get some new running shoes. They lived a few kilometers from the city so I decided to ride there. I remember having the choice out of two vintage bikes and I went with a beautiful pink one, probably the least practical option. I was so excited for this shopping trip I rode over the railway bridge, down the hill and just around the corner, when I hit the brakes and went flying over the handlebars, face first into the road. I screamed SO loud people in the office building ran out and got me off the road, I was in and out of consciousness and gave them my brothers mobile number. As they called him he was on a train and could see me out the window (devine timing) and so could get in the ambulance with me. The reason I gave my brothers number is that I believe it was my guides viewing the bigger picture, helping to bring the best solution. Something I in my physically unconscious state could not do, without ‘help’ of course.

Another experience I had can be explained by the universal law of request, I had a housemate a few years ago that came home one evening, went straight to her room and was literally wailing, crying and refused to talk or have a cup of tea. I really didn’t enjoy hearing her in such emotional pain, so in that moment I asked “please help me to say the right thing to make her feel better” eventually she quieten and we all fell asleep. When I saw her the next day I was in the kitchen and she was close by on the couch, I blurted out something about my Mum calling me fat and my Granny saying I was plump at the age of 9 and some other things about society and body image, she opened up and told me her Mum texted her saying “When are you going to do something about losing weight”, we had a lovely, heart felt conversation. Just what I had asked for, So I said ‘Thank-you’ Another example of connecting with my unconditionally loving spirit guides, because if I am to be perfectly honest with you I never thought she was fat.

There are many amazing channels out in the world today some are more subtle and others have an obvious different personality. Conversation with God, shares the early life story of spiritual messenger Neale Donald Walsch and his incredible transformation with the help of God and the messages he downloads and makes into a book. There is the famousEsther Hicks who channels “Abraham” and is famous for The Law of Attraction. My favourite channels to watch are Krista Raisa who is a channel for the Orion Council and Bracha Goldsmith a brilliant Astrologer and Pleiadian channel. There are some fantastic art channels too, Tracy Taylor an avian hybrid has amazing art pieces and George Allen a man who was not artist in the slightest are both great examples of the ever increasing cosmic connections with humanity.

Enjoy exploring the various channels I have mentioned here and I am always open to hearing about your favourite channels too.




Cultivate Your Garden

A number of years ago we read a book written by Voltaire titled Candide originally written in 1759, that follows a journey of Candide who goes on his heroes journey and wisely comes to the conclusion that the best thing anyone can do is to ‘Cultivate your garden’ this wisdom stuck with me.


For sure it resonated. Candide experiences horrifying episodes of political oppression and religious intolerance on his journey across Europe and Asia. I don’t like to focus on these things because they are improving my they still exist, but he comes to the conclusion it is better for him to mind his own business, settle down and grow things in his garden and trade with his neighbours.

I love anything you can say that has a metaphorical and a literal meaning at the same time. To me cultivate your garden means tend to yourself, your thoughts, your mind, your body, your soul and that will no doubt have as much value as trying to go out and change others.

The human brain is an amazing tool to help us in life, our thoughts have the potential to make or break us. I have spent the last few years doing self-study and going deeper and deeper into metaphysics and how our thoughts create our reality from various teachers. Louise Hay’s work also teaches to planting mental seeds to help us to grow.

In the literal sense cultivate your garden is good advice in these times of change, I have always been a fan of growing my own food and think there is nothing better for our planets health and peoples health than eating locally grown food. I will work on my permaculture skills and eating straight from the garden.


This year [2019] was a great experiment in manifestation using the power of thoughts, vibration and feeling to bring about my desires in my reality. I still look around and see where people are blind to their power in changing their life and think if they ask I can tell them but if I tell them it is high likely they will not listen. As we come into 2020, I will continue to improve my mental powers to improve my life and have a constant high vibration and see what manifests.

What about you?

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The last few years have been a roller coaster and I have felt the pendulum swinging from aligned to misaligned and various places in between.

The most amazing feeling though was being a part of a wwoofing team. The playground was a one acre market garden with all the variety you would want. Variety the spice of life.

The most satisfying feeling was harvesting and selling the goods whether it was at the farmers markets or in the restaurant. There is no better way then farm to plate.

The permaculture principles teach a lot in and out of the garden. It is like a recipe to save to the world and once it’s set-up it is simple.

Earth Care, People Care, and fair share.

Observe and Interact for example can be applied to natural growing systems as well as work place dynamics, by observing what works we can adapt systems to be more attuned with natural cycles.

Catch and Store energy; by using natural and renewable energy solar, water and wind power to our advantage can help us greatly in daily life. Simply flick off a light switch, not using charging devices at night too. The most incredible example for me was seeing home bio fuel in action. A device which turns food waste and even road kill into gas to cook with and also uses the waste fluid as a powerful fertilizer.

Obtain a yield; if you apply this to business or just lifestyle we need to yield something whether it is food we are growing or money for our business to flourish, we ultimately need to end up with something in the end. for example compost turns into soil, good soil will help us to grow better crops.

Apply self-regulation and accept feedback, this one in particular stands out for me in individuals behavior within a group, So if there is someone who is overly dominate, so much so it makes other group members feel like they cannot contribute, this person can adapt or change their behaviour via self-regulation or feedback from others body language.

use and value renewable resources and services, resources can be things such as manure, but this can also branch out to op shop clothing or furniture. Renewables can also include man power or animal power over petrol.

Produce no waste – In a garden setting we can use every part of the plants we grow, if not to eat ourselves, we can feed them to the animals or put them into a worm farm or compost to produce nutrient rich soils. Everything in the system can have another purpose. In an urban setting we see Minimalism and zero waste lifestyles gaining popularity. take away containers being compostable, and many other life hacks coming in so we produce no Waste.

Design from patterns to details, In permaculture there are many different designs of garden beds, in energy terms and feng shui it’s more desirable to have a circular design. Spiral gardens for herbs, swales for water, rows for abundant crops, then we and add in the details such as which plants grow well together, or if we need some beneficial bugs to balance. In life terms we can know our destination or our final goal then we can work out the small details.

Integrate rather than segregate is one of my favorites because I truly believe that by integrating nature into our lives more and more, so every living person has a garden, or tree they can hug, indoor plants or a local park we would all be a lot more sane and cope so much easier especially in a fast paced city setting riddled with EMFs.

Use small and slow solutions, In a wider sense of the saying I relate this principle to illness and disease in our bodies. I am a big believer in metaphysics and that our body traps and stores unhealed or unexpressed emotions, and by buying ourselves band aid solutions like pain killers, we are numbing and as Louise Hay would say telling it (our body) to “Shut up” instead of listening to what it has to say and implementing change over time that will lead to a cure, even though the solution is slower it is a lot smarter. Small changes in the garden or small changes in our daily life will be more beneficial in the long run.

Use and Value diversity, we are all unique and have different talents and skills to offer it’s more creative and flowing if we can work to everyone’s strengths for example ‘feelers’ may prefer to tend to plants more than someone who knows how to calculate yields and percentages. I personally like to be surrounded with a diversity of people, I’m not a typical leader but I like to support or work in a group, but it makes life easier if someone else is good at coordinating needs.

Use edges and value the marginal – “Don’t automatically think you are on the right track because it’s a well beaten path” if you have an edge over others doing the same thing, use it to your advantage. This proverb reminds us that the most popular choices are not always the best in any given situation.

Creatively use and respond to change – What we all need to do on a collective scale if we want to live happily on this earth. Tapping into creativity is like tapping into our soul’s song – our intuitive senses that ‘know’ the solutions to our problems.

Hope you have found the wisdom in these words.

Goal Setting

I got a nice surprise this afternoon, logging in to my blog and seeing this in the draft section. I wrote this article in January and it’s now August, so I’m going to share what my goals were and if I have achieved them.

I just want to share my goals for 2019 –

  1. I want to create, I don’t want to wait for things to happen to me. I want to be on the front line not in a defensive position. For example less astrological monthly updates and more personal drive and change. – This one has been pretty good, I have been setting intentions and manifesting jobs in different locations, I still do watch different things on youtube but less and less as I am moving around, working at sea, and generally being out of reception. When I have been watching youtube I have been watching things that are more to do with personal development than astrology, even though it does draw me in every now and again, if I am being honest.
  2. Be independent away from my family, as in not affected by their views and opinions about my life. Yes! I am not living with or being financially supported or taken out to dinners or cafe and my parents pay. Those days are gone, but sometimes their views are hurtful but I am learning to take it in my stride. 
  3. Go deeper into my interests of permaculture/gardening/ energy healing. I did recently attend a metaphysical weekend workshop hosted by Inna Segal, she is a metaphysical teacher and energy healer. Permaculture and gardening not so much, I did get a pot plant and planted some delicious edible in it, but the climate wasn’t ideal for it. I did just apply to stay at a permaculture farm that does farm to table too, so I guess that definately counts for something.
  4. Have a strong solar plexus – be confident in all areas of my life – financially, socially, purposefully. Something that really helped my confidence was buying a van, I am proud of myself I finally have a van to drive and sleep in, it’s been on my bucket list for almost ten years and now I feel like I’m in a fantastic place financially, I have reconnected with friends and I am feeling more confident. I am currently working on my physical fitness, I believe that will bring my even greater confidence.
  5. Be able to ground and connect to my higher self and guides daily. This one I have postponed it is not achieved. I have been working with different grounding techniques, studying chakras, and listening to many different energetic and spiritual books on audible. I occassionally ask in mediatation to connect to my higher self and guides but I more so want to work on physical manifestation and my physical body because I have tended to get a bit out of this world and it isn’t very helpful for creating the life I want to live. 
  6. Connect to people, make good friends, get out of the house, feel motivated and inspired, while being able to protect myself psychically. I am happy to say I have made some really lovely connections this year, I have lived in a few different places and met some inspiring travellers, I have also made an effort to connect with people who are different to me and trying not to be judgmental. I have gotten out of the house. I feel motivated sometimes but I have to admit I like classes and groups for this reason. I am inspired by different ways of living. I now know different ways to build up my auric field but I may need to work on my mental and emotional bodies. This will help to protect me psychically by eliminating energetic wounds or weak spots. 
  7. Do cardio/physical exercise. I haven’t really given myself the best conditions with working on a boat to do physical exercise so I will definitely keep working on making cardio a weekly thing, if not daily, it’s good to shift energy and body fat so it’s a good incentive. I did make a goal a couple of months ago to run 5ks and I did it! I was thinking about finding a local “Park Run” group. 
  8. Travel somewhere and do some sort of personal development.  I have definately been travelling and I’m going to say attending a metaphysical workshop is good for my personal development. I may go to a vipassana meditation by the end of the year too. 
  9. Eat a healthy balanced diet. I have a weakness for cafes. I am aware of it and I will try to make more of my own meals and eat less cookies and cakes etc. I do love my vegetables, omlettes, fruits but I am probably leaning towards daily sugar and caffine and it’s something I am looking to change. 
  10. less screen time/talking more face to face and physical. This is a good one! I still want to work on it though, I love being wholesome and having good conversations. I do get sucked into some apps, for example pintrest and Youtube, but I am good at spending time with people in person, traveling is good like that, yoga classes are good for that and so are cafes. In fact today I made a lovely connection in a grass cafe. I have been getting physical books too, instead of using my phone to listen to them, it’s a faster way to fall asleep too. Having less wifi and not upgrading my photo data to a bigger package are good actions to reduce screen time as well. 
  11. Get a piece of land somewhere to grow things on with a good body of water close by. This goal is to help my dream bigger,  I have’t brought I piece of land but I have stayed in a community while house sitting that had a beautiful river and some dams, Then I did some work exchange on a couple of different properties each by the Sea, one even matched a drawing I did to help manifest it. Next I lived and worked in a winery that was growing grapes and was a short walk to the beach, more recently though I lived on a boat on the reef, so I definitely had the good body of water bit but not much growing. I am building up my funds though with this goal in mind. 
  12. Do a bike touring trip. I haven’t got anything on this one…yet!

So I hope you enjoyed this insight into my year, let me know if you are doing similar things, I am currently in Australia.

Book Recommendation: Wheels of Life, The Classic Guide To The Chakra System by Anodea Judith

anodea judith wheels of lifI’ve just about finished this beautifully written book of wisdom and I read it pretty fast too. It’s detailed description of the seven chakra system is as useful as it is enlightening. Anodea Judith PH.D. is an absolute expert on the subject and goes into depth about each energy centre and making suggestions that are easy to use such as breathing techniques, yoga asanas and meditations. Wheels of life was first released in 1999, and now 20 years later is more relevant than ever.

To be honest the reason I bought this particular book was because it goes next level and gives some truth to telepathy and clairvoyance in a matter of fact way speaking from experience both from her many clients and personal experience.

These extra sensory perceptions are not limited to super natural films but are being widely discovered by humans everywhere. I just love that if someone doesn’t believe that every human has the potential to be psychic I can now direct them to a credible source and specific energy centre, not just say look at ‘WikiHow’.

Our world is changing and has been changing since it’s evolution, Judith makes correlations between historical events and astrological cycles and confirms that humanity is currently in the midst of moving upward from the solar plexus issues of  control and power to the heart chakra where we are becoming connected, more unified, accepting and compassionate. One example being the circular economy, giving less energy to capitalism’s buy and throw model to a buy, swap, sew, fix, upcycle, recycle, gift  and basically keep using what we have instead of buying new.

Anodea has written a number of books to educate people in a way that is easily adaptable to westerners, Eastern Body, Western Mind which talks about addiction and sexuality in relation to eastern philosophy, and The Chakra System, A user’s guide to self diagnosis and healing  which takes the reader on a journey through that seven chakras root to crown detailing deficiencies and over active traits of each one, with yoga asanas specific to each chakra, starting with very important grounding techniques.

If you are on the journey of self discovery Anodea Judith is a worthy source of wisdom that can enlighten you on a number of issues we deal with in life. Easy to use, simple advice for personal empowerment and development.



Embrace your feminine

Everyone – Males and Females have a feminine side, it’s receptive and nurturing qualities make receiving easy, Where as the masculine energy is go-getting. Both have great value in our lives but if we are constantly in our masculine striving to get, always in action, running on high energy we can become disconnected from our intuition.

Feminine energy is intuitive because as Eckhart Tolle says ‘stillness speaks‘, we can receive our best intuitive insights and messages when we are in this energy of receiving. Feminine energy is abundant and giving just like mother Earth who gives us all a place to live and love.

Simply put Mother Earth nurtures and heals us all, if we are open up to receiving.


I watched a documentary a year or so ago titled The Grounded, which details the mind blowing simple benefits of grounding or earthing ourselves.

The most memorable and emotional connection this movie gave me was a scene detailing the life of school kids in the US. The children woke up early, before they left their rooms had but their shoes on for football training, on a constructed playing surface, they would then change shoes to go to school for 8 or so hours and when they got home that afternoon go straight to their room to study. Therefore the whole 24 hours of a typical day for a school kid they didn’t make a connection to the earth. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but when each day ends up like this, day after day it causes a number of problems with low concentration, behavioural problems, joint pain among other things as a result of the constant disconnect they have with the earth due to wearing shoes all day everyday.

The saddest thing for me is that kids don’t get a choice, they have to do these things, they aren’t allowed to not wear shoes, they have to go to school and this has a ripple on effect into adulthood. Thank-you to the kind souls who have created nature play, so kids are encouraged to play outdoors in unstructured play environments.

As you read this can you remember the last time you put your bare feet in nature? maybe it’s a good time to re-child yourself…

It’s such a simple action – Earth yourself daily and feel good, reconnect to Gaia.


Solar powered Solar plexus


Solar plexus with bio-plasmic streamers rising over the mountains, watercolour on plywood.

It is so important to have a healthy solar plexus to bring our ideas and desires to life.

I think of  the solar plexus and directly relate it to physical action, confidence, our motivation and will power.

Our solar plexus and sense of power can be influenced by many factors in this instance I would like to mention authority figures.

Think about it.

People in power have authority and if you are subject to this power you lose your own sense of personal power, your self worth and belief in yourself which in affect can directly change the desired outcome of your manifestations.

What we manifest into our life has a direct correlation to what we believe we are worthy of as well, another characteristic of this chakra.

Our level of self worth more or less determines the life we live, if we want to manifest an oasis our energy needs to be in alignment – L.O.A.

The Law of Attraction is an interesting one, I have read The Power the sequel of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. In fact I found it in a free library next to Romeo & Juliet and it tells some amazing real life happenings of how this universal law manifests itself for her in literally miraculous ways.

Now, I am wondering; how beneficial is it to see something and manifest it into your life if it isn’t in alignment with your soul urge and life purpose.

At this point in my life I am looking at how I have manifested a dream job and lifestyle but the feeling of contentment isn’t here and I believe the reason that it feels off is these manifestations disregarded my soul urge. On top of that a lack of confidence in myself means I can not fully connect to the higher chakras and my higher self.

They were a combination of my wants mixed with the feeling I need to satisfy my parents in some way. Our relationships that are typically authoritarian seem to be between parents and children, teachers and students and people promoting societal norms despite an individuals preferences.

It is never a popular decision for a person to be non-conformist to these kind of authority figures but energy wise it is much more beneficial to follow your hearts yearning. If you conform to their ideas if can create blocks in your solar plexus.

Solar plexus blockages include thing like feeling not good enough, a small blockage can result in a lack of confidence where a more severe blockage affects self-esteem and will take longer to heal. You may notice people who feel the need to control everyone and everything around them, who lack direction, possess a sense of helplessness and unresolved guilt all stemming from a blocked solar plexus. Physical symptoms include poor digestion and poor short term memory.

Strengthening your solar plexus involves practicing will power, a good way to do this is by setting attainable goals and ticking them off. You may need to be assertive in your communications with other people. Being physical is also good advice as it is a masculine energy centre it uses yang energy, energy that you put out, so moving your body by running, dancing, doing yoga asanas and even just a workout focusing on you abdominal muscles can all help to get energy flowing through this powerful place.


Happy healing!