If you have come to this page I’m guessing you’re curious about Sea Shepherdess. The blog started from my love of the water, I’m a fish and I love a clean ocean, I’m passionate about keeping it beautiful free from plastics, chemicals and anything that alters its natural state. I love all the creatures of the ocean too, I am lucky to have met them while scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming and sailing in some absolutely beautiful locations.

I rely on my solitude to really connect to my self, you could call me a sensitive, intuitive and connected.  I will share my experiences along my path to encourage others to awaken to their full potential together. After all some weird things happen when we awaken and we are all in this together so it is great to know we are not alone.

This site is a place to express myself creatively too, I will share my art in the Heartist section, and will be happy to use my Bachelor of Communications to write reviews or travel articles for environmentally focused businesses. I did a course in Marine Tourism and have a dream of creating an environmentally sound space for travelers to come and enjoy what nature has to offer, I’m open to exploring Eco retreats and destinations. So  my posts will be in this area of interest too.

Feel free to write a comment because I will love reading it, Thank-you for coming here!