Conversations with God

There are times in our lives when we say something and after the messages have been said, we think where did that come from? How did I know how to say that? This is when I believe we are in close contact with the spirit world. A message has come through us.

I have a great interest in learning about our multidimensional reality, learning what happens on the different dimensions.

I believe we have spirit guides who love us unconditionally and are always with us and I believe we can call on them and ask for help in our daily lives. I can quickly think of a few times in my life when the guardian angels have been at work.

Several years ago when visiting my parents from interstate, Mum gave me her card to get some new running shoes. They lived a few kilometers from the city so I decided to ride there. I remember having the choice out of two vintage bikes and I went with a beautiful pink one, probably the least practical option. I was so excited for this shopping trip I rode over the railway bridge, down the hill and just around the corner, when I hit the brakes and went flying over the handlebars, face first into the road. I screamed SO loud people in the office building ran out and got me off the road, I was in and out of consciousness and gave them my brothers mobile number. As they called him he was on a train and could see me out the window (devine timing) and so could get in the ambulance with me. The reason I gave my brothers number is that I believe it was my guides viewing the bigger picture, helping to bring the best solution. Something I in my physically unconscious state could not do, without ‘help’ of course.

Another experience I had can be explained by the universal law of request, I had a housemate a few years ago that came home one evening, went straight to her room and was literally wailing, crying and refused to talk or have a cup of tea. I really didn’t enjoy hearing her in such emotional pain, so in that moment I asked “please help me to say the right thing to make her feel better” eventually she quieten and we all fell asleep. When I saw her the next day I was in the kitchen and she was close by on the couch, I blurted out something about my Mum calling me fat and my Granny saying I was plump at the age of 9 and some other things about society and body image, she opened up and told me her Mum texted her saying “When are you going to do something about losing weight”, we had a lovely, heart felt conversation. Just what I had asked for, So I said ‘Thank-you’ Another example of connecting with my unconditionally loving spirit guides, because if I am to be perfectly honest with you I never thought she was fat.

There are many amazing channels out in the world today some are more subtle and others have an obvious different personality. Conversation with God, shares the early life story of spiritual messenger Neale Donald Walsch and his incredible transformation with the help of God and the messages he downloads and makes into a book. There is the famousEsther Hicks who channels “Abraham” and is famous for The Law of Attraction. My favourite channels to watch are Krista Raisa who is a channel for the Orion Council and Bracha Goldsmith a brilliant Astrologer and Pleiadian channel. There are some fantastic art channels too, Tracy Taylor an avian hybrid has amazing art pieces and George Allen a man who was not artist in the slightest are both great examples of the ever increasing cosmic connections with humanity.

Enjoy exploring the various channels I have mentioned here and I am always open to hearing about your favourite channels too.




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