The last few years have been a roller coaster and I have felt the pendulum swinging from aligned to misaligned and various places in between.

The most amazing feeling though was being a part of a wwoofing team. The playground was a one acre market garden with all the variety you would want. Variety the spice of life.

The most satisfying feeling was harvesting and selling the goods whether it was at the farmers markets or in the restaurant. There is no better way then farm to plate.

The permaculture principles teach a lot in and out of the garden. It is like a recipe to save to the world and once it’s set-up it is simple.

Earth Care, People Care, and fair share.

Observe and Interact for example can be applied to natural growing systems as well as work place dynamics, by observing what works we can adapt systems to be more attuned with natural cycles.

Catch and Store energy; by using natural and renewable energy solar, water and wind power to our advantage can help us greatly in daily life. Simply flick off a light switch, not using charging devices at night too. The most incredible example for me was seeing home bio fuel in action. A device which turns food waste and even road kill into gas to cook with and also uses the waste fluid as a powerful fertilizer.

Obtain a yield; if you apply this to business or just lifestyle we need to yield something whether it is food we are growing or money for our business to flourish, we ultimately need to end up with something in the end. for example compost turns into soil, good soil will help us to grow better crops.

Apply self-regulation and accept feedback, this one in particular stands out for me in individuals behavior within a group, So if there is someone who is overly dominate, so much so it makes other group members feel like they cannot contribute, this person can adapt or change their behaviour via self-regulation or feedback from others body language.

use and value renewable resources and services, resources can be things such as manure, but this can also branch out to op shop clothing or furniture. Renewables can also include man power or animal power over petrol.

Produce no waste – In a garden setting we can use every part of the plants we grow, if not to eat ourselves, we can feed them to the animals or put them into a worm farm or compost to produce nutrient rich soils. Everything in the system can have another purpose. In an urban setting we see Minimalism and zero waste lifestyles gaining popularity. take away containers being compostable, and many other life hacks coming in so we produce no Waste.

Design from patterns to details, In permaculture there are many different designs of garden beds, in energy terms and feng shui it’s more desirable to have a circular design. Spiral gardens for herbs, swales for water, rows for abundant crops, then we and add in the details such as which plants grow well together, or if we need some beneficial bugs to balance. In life terms we can know our destination or our final goal then we can work out the small details.

Integrate rather than segregate is one of my favorites because I truly believe that by integrating nature into our lives more and more, so every living person has a garden, or tree they can hug, indoor plants or a local park we would all be a lot more sane and cope so much easier especially in a fast paced city setting riddled with EMFs.

Use small and slow solutions, In a wider sense of the saying I relate this principle to illness and disease in our bodies. I am a big believer in metaphysics and that our body traps and stores unhealed or unexpressed emotions, and by buying ourselves band aid solutions like pain killers, we are numbing and as Louise Hay would say telling it (our body) to “Shut up” instead of listening to what it has to say and implementing change over time that will lead to a cure, even though the solution is slower it is a lot smarter. Small changes in the garden or small changes in our daily life will be more beneficial in the long run.

Use and Value diversity, we are all unique and have different talents and skills to offer it’s more creative and flowing if we can work to everyone’s strengths for example ‘feelers’ may prefer to tend to plants more than someone who knows how to calculate yields and percentages. I personally like to be surrounded with a diversity of people, I’m not a typical leader but I like to support or work in a group, but it makes life easier if someone else is good at coordinating needs.

Use edges and value the marginal – “Don’t automatically think you are on the right track because it’s a well beaten path” if you have an edge over others doing the same thing, use it to your advantage. This proverb reminds us that the most popular choices are not always the best in any given situation.

Creatively use and respond to change – What we all need to do on a collective scale if we want to live happily on this earth. Tapping into creativity is like tapping into our soul’s song – our intuitive senses that ‘know’ the solutions to our problems.

Hope you have found the wisdom in these words.

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