Goal Setting

I got a nice surprise this afternoon, logging in to my blog and seeing this in the draft section. I wrote this article in January and it’s now August, so I’m going to share what my goals were and if I have achieved them.

I just want to share my goals for 2019 –

  1. I want to create, I don’t want to wait for things to happen to me. I want to be on the front line not in a defensive position. For example less astrological monthly updates and more personal drive and change. – This one has been pretty good, I have been setting intentions and manifesting jobs in different locations, I still do watch different things on youtube but less and less as I am moving around, working at sea, and generally being out of reception. When I have been watching youtube I have been watching things that are more to do with personal development than astrology, even though it does draw me in every now and again, if I am being honest.
  2. Be independent away from my family, as in not affected by their views and opinions about my life. Yes! I am not living with or being financially supported or taken out to dinners or cafe and my parents pay. Those days are gone, but sometimes their views are hurtful but I am learning to take it in my stride. 
  3. Go deeper into my interests of permaculture/gardening/ energy healing. I did recently attend a metaphysical weekend workshop hosted by Inna Segal, she is a metaphysical teacher and energy healer. Permaculture and gardening not so much, I did get a pot plant and planted some delicious edible in it, but the climate wasn’t ideal for it. I did just apply to stay at a permaculture farm that does farm to table too, so I guess that definately counts for something.
  4. Have a strong solar plexus – be confident in all areas of my life – financially, socially, purposefully. Something that really helped my confidence was buying a van, I am proud of myself I finally have a van to drive and sleep in, it’s been on my bucket list for almost ten years and now I feel like I’m in a fantastic place financially, I have reconnected with friends and I am feeling more confident. I am currently working on my physical fitness, I believe that will bring my even greater confidence.
  5. Be able to ground and connect to my higher self and guides daily. This one I have postponed it is not achieved. I have been working with different grounding techniques, studying chakras, and listening to many different energetic and spiritual books on audible. I occassionally ask in mediatation to connect to my higher self and guides but I more so want to work on physical manifestation and my physical body because I have tended to get a bit out of this world and it isn’t very helpful for creating the life I want to live. 
  6. Connect to people, make good friends, get out of the house, feel motivated and inspired, while being able to protect myself psychically. I am happy to say I have made some really lovely connections this year, I have lived in a few different places and met some inspiring travellers, I have also made an effort to connect with people who are different to me and trying not to be judgmental. I have gotten out of the house. I feel motivated sometimes but I have to admit I like classes and groups for this reason. I am inspired by different ways of living. I now know different ways to build up my auric field but I may need to work on my mental and emotional bodies. This will help to protect me psychically by eliminating energetic wounds or weak spots. 
  7. Do cardio/physical exercise. I haven’t really given myself the best conditions with working on a boat to do physical exercise so I will definitely keep working on making cardio a weekly thing, if not daily, it’s good to shift energy and body fat so it’s a good incentive. I did make a goal a couple of months ago to run 5ks and I did it! I was thinking about finding a local “Park Run” group. 
  8. Travel somewhere and do some sort of personal development.  I have definately been travelling and I’m going to say attending a metaphysical workshop is good for my personal development. I may go to a vipassana meditation by the end of the year too. 
  9. Eat a healthy balanced diet. I have a weakness for cafes. I am aware of it and I will try to make more of my own meals and eat less cookies and cakes etc. I do love my vegetables, omlettes, fruits but I am probably leaning towards daily sugar and caffine and it’s something I am looking to change. 
  10. less screen time/talking more face to face and physical. This is a good one! I still want to work on it though, I love being wholesome and having good conversations. I do get sucked into some apps, for example pintrest and Youtube, but I am good at spending time with people in person, traveling is good like that, yoga classes are good for that and so are cafes. In fact today I made a lovely connection in a grass cafe. I have been getting physical books too, instead of using my phone to listen to them, it’s a faster way to fall asleep too. Having less wifi and not upgrading my photo data to a bigger package are good actions to reduce screen time as well. 
  11. Get a piece of land somewhere to grow things on with a good body of water close by. This goal is to help my dream bigger,  I have’t brought I piece of land but I have stayed in a community while house sitting that had a beautiful river and some dams, Then I did some work exchange on a couple of different properties each by the Sea, one even matched a drawing I did to help manifest it. Next I lived and worked in a winery that was growing grapes and was a short walk to the beach, more recently though I lived on a boat on the reef, so I definitely had the good body of water bit but not much growing. I am building up my funds though with this goal in mind. 
  12. Do a bike touring trip. I haven’t got anything on this one…yet!

So I hope you enjoyed this insight into my year, let me know if you are doing similar things, I am currently in Australia.

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