Life Metaphor Story Time

I like to receive messages from the universe  through creative avenues in my everyday life. Yesterday I was walking along the beach and decided  to start picking up lots of rubbish that I saw.

body of water

Photo by James Wheeler on

I used to do beach clean ups all the time, every time I was at a beach and saw something that would negatively affect the environment in any way I would pick it up and I would some how find a container big enough to carry all the stuff I found.


Yesterday instead of losing hope that my action was not doing anything significant, I started by picking up some wire mesh and then I found some fabric to tie it up like a bag. This made me laugh because it was unique to me, each morning I say a protection prayer and one of the lines in it  is “I call forth the gold and platinum net to be run through my energy system, clearing and removing all imbalanced energy that is not in, of and for love” The things I picked up and put in this net were ropes, broken glass, a block of Styrofoam, and many bottles of alcohol.


Bruny Island, Australia, Beach clean, 7 March 2019

In my experience  of energetic healing I have come across blocks and cords of attachment that like the debris that end up on the ocean shore are psychic debris in our energetic fields that need to be removed to restore balance. The things I found weren’t only symbolic of what was in me but around me in my environment recently, heavy drinkers and if you are empathic and don’t drink any alcohol you will know the feeling of this energy. It’s not the best feeling.


Needless to say the rubbish I collected got heavy and it wasn’t serving anyone anymore so the quicker it is disposed of, the better life is for everyone on a planetary level as well as an individual level too.


Energy clearing is essential for raising your vibration and changing your ‘hopeless’ situation. Just as cleaning one beach can reduce ocean debris on a bigger scale.



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