Travelling along singing some kind of song, marching to your own drum and feeling overcome.

Mastering manifesting and learning something along the way.


I had this moment recently of realising that I had manifested the place I am staying in.

A property with tiny houses, tree houses, work space and shed. One part of the property is on the ocean front and the other side is in a forest.

It’s a creative space with a spiritual side and labyrinths all around the place to journey through. The garden is impressive, the design, the plants being perfect to add to almost any meal.

It’s ideal!

I drew this picture a few months ago and now it’s manifested. It is only temporary at this point but it’s a great reminder about planting seeds…and watching them grow.

spiral green plants

Photo by Steven Hylands on

Dreams do come true.

  • Bruny Island, Tasmania

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