Metaphors in the microcosm

I’m staying in a community at the moment, when I asked what sort of community it is the response was a bit uncertain. It could be classified as a lot of different things like a permaculture community, a spiritual community even an arts community but the truth is everyone is different so not every house, cabin, tiny home, caravan and old train car on the land would agree that they do permaculture, nor that they practice spirituality or that they are artists but much like the macrocosm it has all the factors of the outside world on a smaller scale.

I’m talking about corruption in the council, people who have houses here that don’t actually talk to their neighbours, the humble academics and environmentalists, the healers with drug habits and all of the above, even using round-up on land that will potentially be used for growing food. These factors really changed my view of coming to be in a community living utopia, I do think it’s great for individuals to live here and shine in their individual ways and not be subjected to all societies rules, but it’s also necessary to change and be as inclusive and harmonious as humanly possible. Meaning  to explore our shadows or things we don’t like to tell people about ourselves.

Change is the only constant

I feel like I’m in the middle of this all but I have heard and watched many things about crystal, indigo and starseed children being born with memory and wisdom which they have kept from past lives, that we need to save these children from society in a way so that humanity can survive and thrive. Maybe the older members of the community need to hand over the reigns to the younger ones to put their energy to good use.

Some where else in my brain though I know that every soul has a spark and peoples differences are what can help to build something really wholesome or maybe being surrounded by a constant mix of energies of differing vibrations is all part of the process. Learning how to include, tolerate and live in harmony with everyone is not only  a life lesson in community but a brilliant way for us to see ourselves in some sort of fragmented mirror. What we don’t tend to like in other people can reflect something in ourselves, once we make peace with this part or that part we can make peace with the person who brought it to our awareness and G-R-O-W.


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