Heal the World

The most beneficial thing I have done to heal the world is to be introspective. It has created a change in my thoughts and the way I am on a day to day basis. I’m aware of my patterns of criticism and how they don’t do anything to raise my vibration. I’m aware of the limitations put on me by people around me, and I know I don’t have to believe because they want me to.

I believe that the world is our oyster and we are all fish in this expansive sea.

I believe we need courage when we are a minority.

I believe we all can offer something unique if we are willing.

I believe our reality is multidimensional

I believe we are the catalysts for physical and lasting change.

I have been provided with hope in the form of friends in passing that I’m not alone, and something makes me believe my spirit guides, angels, ancestors and loving beings are always around and looking out for me and you. There really is a lot of love and acceptance in the world and we can embrace it everyday even in times of solitude.

Our beliefs heal the world.

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