Empath Awareness

Apparently everyone is an Empath, every human can connect to others and have compassion. I have always been empathic but haven’t always been aware of it. Only now as I am coming more into my own being that I realise how much it is possible to feel of other people.

It has really opened up my awareness and turned me into a bit of a hermit. I’m  not sure  if I was born to be a hermit. I did a test the other day that concluded I was 42% introverted and 48% extroverted. I think that sounds about right, I like most other people like my own  space but I don’t want to be forever alone, I’ve drifted away from school friends, I drifted away from university friends and now I’m slowly drifting away from shaman friends and I’m left with a feeling of being lost once again but a lot closer to myself.

I like to call myself a citizen of the world, have friends from all over and do something for the planet not against it for profit, I’ve heard about exiting the matrix and have experienced synchronicity, I’ve met people who can manifest and over the years have manifested quite a lot too. I feel lucky  and I feel it’s polarity too. I’m forever wondering when I can manifest a partner in crime, one who is a perfect match and someone I can work with. I don’t know if I’ve been brainwashed by  spirit to believe I’m meant to meet my match, have an amazing connection and work together as healers. I’ve been believing ever since I did that vision quest and now I’m losing hope.

I have self love, I have courage, I am independent, but it seems like I’ve hit a road block, life isn’t as easy as it used to be, I can’t seem to do what I want anymore and I’m so sick of it, I want out but I can’t escape I can’t drink or drug myself anymore, I can’t follow and blend in with the sheeple. I feel stuck and I want to break free and be face to face with someone who makes me want to live and not wither and die.

selective focus photography of kissing couple

Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com


“There is nothing to fear when it comes to your life purpose you are exactly where you need to be and you will find your true soul mate when you allow yourself to surrender fully into who you are, not who you think you are meant to be. It’s all in your head, the time will come when you can crawl out of this dark cave and be who you want to be.

When you realise that you are the creator of our reality and you can be wherever you a wish you don’t need to satisfy anyone else. When you are truly standing in your power you will see, feel, hear and know that you are right and you WILL know.

Believe. Have faith and know your boundaries of your comfort zone are there to be broken, to expand to grow ridiculously and not recognise what you once thought as your words.”

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